Avoid these Mistakes when Interviewing Customers

You want to interview your first customers and get feedback on your product? Great! But avoid these mistakes when Interviewing:

Do you try to sell your idea?

Are you pitching your idea hoping that the participant is as passionate about it as you? Try to stay neutral and to present your product in a way that is not a sales pitch.

Are you talking too much?

You want to get information from the participant and not talk about your great product most of the time. Try to ask a lot and also give some space to think. It’s okay if it is silent sometimes (I know how hard this can be, I usually hate silence!).

Do you ask suggestive questions?

Don’t ask questions which suggest a direction. Rather try to form open-ended questions which gives a lot of exploration options. People try to be nice and will tell you what to you want to hear. So if you give them the feeling that you want to get positive feedback, they will tell you so.

Do you help the participant?

Is your participant struggling with your product? Great! Don’t try to help, but ask WHY your participant is struggling and what you could do better.

Do you ask yes or no questions?

You want to listen to stories and find underlying problems. Asking yes or no questions keeps you on the surface. Again: Open-ended questions are best to get into the thoughts of your participants.

Do you lead the participant?

Are you leading the participant into a direction? Leading can be a sales pitch, suggestive questions or helping. Instead you want them to explore and understand your product by themselves.

Bonus Tip: Don’t tell, show!

Show your customers what your product is about. Don’t let them imagine what you could mean with your explanations, but be on the same page with a visual prototype. This way it is way easier for them to understand and explore your idea. You don’t want to listen to your customer, but instead observe what they are doing.

Have you made one of these mistakes when Interviewing? I hope you will now avoid them!

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Vita is a passionate product manager and content creator with love for design and yoga. With "Product Heart" she helps turning business ideas into a great product customers love.

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