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Reciprocity: Why you should give free stuff

How would you react, if someone give you a cup of ice cream for free? Would you thank the person? Or would you maybe even take another cup, but this time you pay for it because you are so thankful? That’s the magic of reciprocity!

The magic of reciprocity

If you give people something for free, they have the desire to give you something back. They even want to give back more than they received from you, because they feel like they owe it to you.

Even though this is simple, we tend to forget this urge that is constantly driving us and our actions. Just think back to all the businesses that sent you a free checklist with the latest newsletter, a discount or even a product sample.

Of course they are happy to share their knowledge & maybe want someone to test their stuff. But rather they are hoping that you like their content so much, that you now want to purchase more of it.

How you can use reciprocity

Do you want to try it? Nothing easier than that! Just create a freebie, that adds value to the life of your customer, subscribers or readers. Maybe your are good with design? Then you could create some Printables, Templates or Presets. Are you rather a strategy person? Then just share your latest strategic moves to increase your number of Instagram followers.

The freebie doesn’t need to be super fancy. Instead it should showcase your knowledge and bring the people to want more of it. So pick a very good key idea and share it for free.

What’s in it for me?

You are probably asking yourself: “Okay, and what’s in it for me?” Let’s go back to the first example: If people get something for free, they want to give back. So let’s think of your freebie: If one of your customers really likes your freebie and uses it often, she wants to give back to you. I’m sure you also have some paid options of your services, which she can then buy or subscribe. So she will come back and love to spend some money, because a) she already knows your product is worth it and b) she wants to give back. Tadaaa, that’s it!

To follow my own words, you can find some freebies (f.e Pinterest Templates) which you can download directly here:


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